What Are Switchwords?

Switchwords were first noted by the psychotherapist, Freud. He suggested that certain words have the power to reach into, and alter, our subconscious. This idea was seized upon by businessman, James T. Mangan, who wrote his book, “The Secret of Perfect Living”.

So what are Switch words? Well, they are just words. Simple, everyday words. No-one is certain exactly how they work, but it is likely that it is connected to the vibrational frequency of the word. 

Switch words are words that can create a positive impact on the human energy field that surrounds the human body.  When you chant switch words, they generate positive energy

 From their own frequencies.  These can bring about word based changes this word can switch human energy fields and that is why these are words which are called switch words.  Can avoid the logic of these words Conscious mind can work together Switch words can be used for anything to solve the day in your life Minor problems such as reaching office got stuck in a traffic jam on the way.  Yes, Switch is the word for that. Can help you find a job you like with the company or boss of your choice. Can help you strengthen financially to get out of dirt or debt. Improve if the relationship with someone is bad. These words can bring sudden financial benefits  When you need it most. Can bring peace of mind and make you healthy and prosperous.

Divine Healing Codes

Divine codes are based on a mysterious mathematics that belongs to other dimensions.

When reciting a Code, the energy of the one who is using it merges with that of the Being of Light to which it is being invoked, which brings the manifestation as a consequence.
Under this circumstance, the Divine “is almost obligated to grant the request if it is for the health of our Soul obviously.

Benefits of switch words & Healing codes.

  • Help deal with pain, low mood, & stress- related Alignment
  • Support efforts to break negative habbits.
  • Promote sleep and peace of mind
  • Help problem-solve, and inspire creativity
  • Boost leadership qualities
  • Manifest money
  • Attract love and friendship
    “Deepen existing relationship bonds
  • Assist education and study
  • Support healing
  • Combine with existing therapies such as Reiki

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