(Basic to advanced all levels are covered)
  • What are crystals
  • How do i choose a crystal
  • Different form & structure of crystal
  • Clear & cleanse of crystal
  • Characteristics of crystal
    How do i choose a crystal
  • How to spot fake crystals
  • Charging and programing crystal
  • How to store crystals
  • Basic uses of crystals
  • Crystals and their properties
  •  Chakra healing with crystals
  • Aura and crystals
  • Crystals for health
  • Crystals for pain
  • Crystals for Bipolar disorder and anxiety
  • Crystals for home
  • Crystals for work place
  • Crystals for protection
  • Crystals for money
  • Crystals for women
  • Crystals for manifestation.
  •  Crystal grid and how to use them  different types of grid
  • Manifestation with crystal grid
  • Law of attraction  meditation with crystals
  • Different crystals healing technique
  • For money issues
  • For health issues
  • Different crystal healing technique for
  • For business and office
  • For protection
  • Crystal for weight loss
  • How to use crystal for weight loss
  • Chakras & crystals

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