15D Aura clearing

In the Auric clearing session we scan the multidimensional light body and using scalar language and energy directing techniques and sacred code of AH ( AH is Absolute Harmonic Universe, the higher universal self of Universe HU, where human experience takes place)
The auric attachment often represent the greatest challenges in emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. This is why many people often spend years on workshops, reading self help books and they keep feeling stuck and getting themselves into the same situation. Until we permanently transmute these auric attachment from all levels multidimensional awareness including the neural networks associated with them, they will keep activating again and again. And every time they activate, we charge them with more emotional energy and they get more solidified and with a stronger magnetic frequency.
Solidified energetic blockages often manifest as disease and the magnetic charge from these auric attachment will attract us to people, events , times and places with a similar low frequency this making it very difficult to manifest the desired reality.

Benefits of Aura clearing session

  • We can communicate with person’s Higher self and subconscious mind to permanently transmute these attachment.
  •  The person will recover golden soul fragments that represents pearls of wisdom from the issue being absolved & a download of new cords, new templates, new soul.
  • Programming for the higher self.
  • The person has a higher frequency and the reality can changes by attracting people, places, times and events that resonates with the new, higher frequency.
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