Megha Jamdar - Reiki Grand Master

I am Reiki Grand Master,  Miraculous Healer. From 2021, I started teaching reiki healing system. The Journey became much interesting and joyful when I started teaching healing technique to people. it is always more energetic experience while giving the attunement in person. I have been gifted some healing powers form god and also intuitive senses which makes me able to understand many things which normal human being normally don’t.

If you want guidance on any course, any healing session,  counselling  then you can contact me.

About Yashswin Healing Foundation

Yashswin Healing Foundation enter primarily concentrates on promoting overall sense of well being in its clientele. Not many may be aware of this, but every individual has the power and capacity of healing himself or herself. A vast majority of us do not utilize this power that lies dormant within us for two main reasons:

1. We are not aware of its existence

2. We do not know how to go about triggering its growth and development.

Yashswing Healing Foundation  aim is to help our clients to discover the immense storehouse of strength within and recognize the presence of the healer inside so that he or she becomes completely independent and self-confident. Every person can be happy mentally and fit physically provided he knows how and is guided by a healing expert. He need not look for happiness and mental stimulation from the outside world.

Our aims to provide its students with the very best and hence does not compromise on any accounts.

Our mission is to expand our humanitarian services at the global level. Problems are a part of life but if you know the method to get of it you live life with prosperity. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” We dream to heal the wounds of the universe by spreading the knowledge of the healing therapies. REIKI ,THE ONLY TECHNIQE THAT HEAL EVERYTHING ATTARCT Dream, Career, Wealth, Abundance and Goals. Cure diseases, relationship problems, psychic attack and develop unshakable confidence, personality, mental and psychic power, awaken kundalini powers, hidden potential, ultimate truth ( the enlightenment) and divine purpose of life.

Some of the benefits and services provided to individuals  are :

  • Courses and sessions personally tailored to your needs
  • Follow-up and feedback sessions on courses and workshops
  • Trained, certified and trusted teachers
  • Personal and group support
  • Certified teacher training program

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