Bay leaf magic

Bay leaf was perceived as a symbol of immortality by the Ancient Greeks and Romans where it later became a symbol of nobility and  victory. The leaves were worn on the brow of every triumphant Roman general as he rode his chariot through the city in celebration. The Greek word for bay laurel is “dhafni”. This came about because  there is a myth about a Nymph called Daphne who caught Apollo’s eye.  In order to avoid being raped, the Earth Goddess Gaea transformed hers into a Laurel Tree. Apollo then made this tree sacred and since then it’s been a symbol of honor.

Image: Can You Eat Bay Leaves?

Many Greeks and Romans believed that bay leaves would protect them from the gods and goddesses responsible for thunder and lighting. They would wear bay leaves during thunderstorms to prevent themselves from being hit by lightning. The Ancient Greeks used it as a symbol of victory. The winning Olympic athletes were crowned with a bay leaf wreath as early as 776BC.

Benefits of Bay leaf magic

  • Remove negativity from Aura , home & office.
  • Use for manifesting anything like job, good health, good relationship etc.
  • Use for Healing modalities, cutting negative cords.
  • Use for any type of rituals & spells like money, health & relationships spells & rituals.
  • Use for as a medicine.

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